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We have detected 36166 sites that can be blocked in Germany. Germany is #18 in our rating by the blocking ubiquity and #11 by the number of blocked sites.

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Germany Internet filtering profile

Blocking type Blocking level
Political no evidence
Social no evidence
Internet Tools no evidence
Conflicts / Security no evidence

Data by OpenNet Initiative

* Listed as no evidence in all four areas (political, social, conflict/security, and Internet tools) by ONI in December 2010.

Occasional take down requests and access restrictions are imposed on German ISPs, usually to protect minors or to suppress hate speech and extremism. In April 2009, the German government signed a bill that would implement large-scale filtering of child pornography Web sites, with the possibility for later expansion. However, that law was repelled in 2011 since internet service providers quickly take down child pornography after they receive knowledge about it, a fact that had already been pointed out by internet freedom organisations and political parties such as the and the before the law came into effect.
Source: Wikipedia

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