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We have detected 2204 sites that can be blocked in Iran. Iran is #110 in our rating by the blocking ubiquity and #99 by the number of blocked sites.

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Iran Internet filtering profile

Blocking type Blocking level
Political pervasive
Social pervasive
Internet Tools pervasive
Conflicts / Security substantial

Data by OpenNet Initiative

* Listed as pervasive in the political, social, and Internet tools areas and as substantial in conflict/security by ONI in June 2009.
* Listed as an ''Enemy of the Internet'' by RWB in 2011.
* Listed as a ''State Enemy of the Internet'' by RWB in 2013 for involvement in active, intrusive surveillance of news providers, resulting in grave violations of freedom of information and human rights.

The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to expand and consolidate its technical filtering system, which is among the most extensive in the world. A centralized system for Internet filtering has been implemented that augments the filtering conducted at the Internet service provider (ISP) level. Bloggers in Iran have been imprisoned for their Internet activities. The Iranian government temporarily blocked access, between 12 May 2006 and January 2009, to video-upload sites such as Flickr, which was blocked for almost the same amount of time was opened in February 2009. But after YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and many more websites were blocked again.
Source: Wikipedia

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