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Malaysia Internet filtering profile

Blocking type Blocking level
Political no evidence
Social no evidence
Internet Tools no evidence
Conflicts / Security no evidence

Data by OpenNet Initiative

* Listed as no evidence in the political, social, conflict/security, and Internet tools areas by ONI in May 2007.
* Listed as under surveillance by RWB in 2011.

There have been mixed messages and confusion regarding Internet censorship in Malaysia. Internet content is officially uncensored, and civil liberties assured, though on numerous occasions the government has been accused of filtering politically sensitive sites. Any act that curbs internet freedom is theoretically contrary to the Multimedia Act signed by the government of Malaysia in the 1990s. However, pervasive state controls on traditional media spill over to the Internet at times, leading to self-censorship and reports that the state investigates and harasses bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

In , prime minister repeated promises that Malaysia will never censor the Internet.

On June 11, however, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) ordered ISPs to block 10 websites for violating the Copyright Act. This led to the creation of a new Facebook page, "1M Malaysians Don't Want SKMM Block File Sharing Website".

In May 2013, leading up to the 13th Malaysian General Election, there were reports of access to YouTube videos critical of the Barisan National Government and to pages of Pakatan Rakyat political leaders in Facebook being blocked. Analysis of the network traffic showed that ISPs were scanning the headers and actively blocking requests for the videos and Facebook pages.
Source: Wikipedia

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