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We have detected 29807 sites that can be blocked in Singapore. Singapore is #10 in our rating by the blocking ubiquity and #13 by the number of blocked sites.

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Singapore Internet filtering profile

Blocking type Blocking level
Political no evidence
Social selective
Internet Tools no evidence
Conflicts / Security no evidence

Data by OpenNet Initiative

* Listed as selective in the social area and as no evidence in political, conflict/security, and Internet tools by ONI in May 2007.

The Republic of Singapore engages in minimal Internet filtering, blocking only a small set of pornographic Web sites. However, the state employs a combination of licensing controls and legal pressures to regulate Internet access and to limit the presence of objectionable content and conduct online.

In 2005 and 2006 three people were arrested and charged with for posting comments on the Internet, of which two have been sentenced to . Some ISPs also block internet content related to recreational drug use. Singapore's government-run maintains a confidential list of that are inaccessible within the country. The exerts control over Singapore's three to ensure that blocked content is entirely inaccessible.
Source: Wikipedia

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