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We have detected 160833 sites that can be blocked in Turkey. Turkey is #2 in our rating by the blocking ubiquity and #3 by the number of blocked sites.

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Turkey Internet filtering profile

Blocking type Blocking level
Political selective
Social selective
Internet Tools selective
Conflicts / Security no evidence

Data by OpenNet Initiative

* Listed as selective in the political, social, and Internet tools areas and as no evidence as in conflict/security by ONI in December 2010.
* Listed as under surveillance by RWB in 2011.

The Turkish government has implemented legal and institutional reforms driven by the country’s ambitions to become a European Union member state, while at the same time demonstrating its high sensitivity to defamation and other ‘‘inappropriate’’ online content, which has resulted in the closure of a number of local and international Web sites. All Internet traffic passes through Turk Telecom’s infrastructure, allowing centralized control over online content and facilitating the implementation of shutdown decisions.

Many minor and major websites in Turkey have been subject to censorship. As of June 2010 more than 8000 major and minor websites were banned, most of them pornographic and mp3 sharing sites. Other Among the web sites banned are the prominent sites , , , , , and . However, blocked sites are often available using or by changing servers. escaped being blocked due to a misspelling of its domain name, resulting in a futile ban on .{{cite book
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| title = Internet: Restricted Access: A Critical Assessment of Internet Content Regulation and Censorship in Turkey
| date = 25 November 2008
| page = 41
| url =}}

In October 2010, the ban of YouTube was lifted. But a range of IP addresses used by Google remained blocked, thus access to Google Apps hosted sites, including all Google App Engine powered sites and some of the Google services, remained blocked.

Under new regulations announced on 22 February 2011 and scheduled to go into effect on 22 August 2011, the Information Technologies Board (BTK), an offshoot of the prime minister’s office, will require that all computers select one of four levels of content filtering (family, children, domestic, or standard) in order to gain access to the Internet.
Source: Wikipedia

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